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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Tribute from Another Gentle Reader, Zuni

Zuni writes:

I’m so happy to have found your blog with the information about Hoffman Media’s offering of Victoria magazine. I still remember the day I found the very first one—at the most unlikely, unromantic of places: a UDF convenience store! I’d walked in with my then-young sons, and I still remember that the cover was captivating. It had a huge white flower, perhaps a peony. From that point forward, it was true love. I gave gift subscriptions to my grandmother, and we would peruse it “together” by phone…”did you see page___?” or “isn’t that the most beautiful tablecloth on page ___?” It was a wonderful pastime for us that we shared until she passed away.

I had, and treasured, every issue, until moving day from the “big house” to downsize, and in the last hours of moving out I decided to let most of them go…a decision I’ve regretted for eight years now. Some, that were in other areas of the house, managed to make the move, so I especially treasured those, until an incident with water in our basement damaged them. Sad day.

Happy day: When Victoria was published again!

Visit Zuni’s blog, Chickadee Home Nest, here.  Her latest post “Dad’s Old Suitcase” is just wonderful!

Thank you, Zuni, for sharing your Victoria story with us.

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