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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

An Exciting New Offer For Victoria Magazine Lovers…

I am thrilled to share with you that Hoffman Media has released an incredible offer for Victoria magazine lovers:  Victoria  The Complete Collection.  This is a DVD with every issue of Victoria in a searchable, indexed format.  Here are the specifics from the Hoffman site:
Pre-Order Today!  DVD will ship November 1, 2013.

Discover 20 years of timeless treasures from Victoria magazine.

Find all your blissful favorites on two easy-to-use DVDs.
✥ 278 issues in all, including out-of-print issues
✥ More than 5,000 searchable articles
✥ Hundreds of easily accessible recipes
✥ Beautiful photography by Toshi Otsuki

Robust search capabilities let you...
✥ Find a specific article
✥ Search for favorite recipes, d├ęcor, and gardens
✥ Browse by issue or search all issues
This is an amazing opportunity for those who may not still have all their Victorias  or would just love to have the whole collection in digital and searchable format.  It is expensive, but not as expensive as trying to replace every hard copy.
I know for many of us, the joy of holding our magazines in our hands and turning her pages does not lend itself to wanting the digital format.  But what a lovely thing to have a backup of every issue, should anything ever happen to our hard copies.  I just had to share this offer with those of you who have visited and shared here, as we are all kindred spirits when it comes to our favorite magazine!