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Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Sentimental Journey

The very first October issue of Victoria debuted in 1988. The second issue, which came out in the fall of 1987, was a 1987/1988 Winter issue. The first actual October issue came along a year later to usher in the golden season of 1988. With such phrases on the cover as "Autumn... A Sentimental Journey" and "Gathering Golden Moments," we knew that when we opened the cover we would be greeted with beautiful articles in glowing tones.

As always, she would not disappoint. From articles on ferns, to fabulous fashion layouts resembling some Agatha Christie movie set, to the delectable food displays, to the "Leaves" section by Jenny Walton (this one is a particular prize, as it relates to a teacher who inspired Jenny Walton -- aka Nancy Lindemeyer -- to read) this one is a gem in warm hues.

Thank you for taking a sentimental journey along with me, as we fondly remember the early days of what would become a treasured magazine.


  1. I wasn't around for the first two years of Victoria, but about the third year my mother in law gave me her copies and I fell in love instantly. Thanks for taking me down memory lane.

    By the way, I subscribed to the new Victoria, and get the same feeling when I open the mailbox and see it there.

  2. I've already dug out several of my fall issues of favorite magazines (including Country Home), and will hunt down this issue as well. :)

    Thanks for these sweet posts!

  3. Thank you for your lovely, tranquil posts!

  4. I LOVED my VICTORIA magazines. They were SO "civilized". I looked forward to them and read them cover to cover and tried to incorporate their pages into MY everyday life. I kept all my issues for so long, and that was through many moves. Eventually I got rid of them. Then, luckily, someone offered all their saved collection for my classroom at school. I taught art and was always badgering people for magazines. I reread them and it was like meeting an old friend. I could remember where I had been in my life when I read specific articles long ago yet again. And like a subliminal message, I could see where in my home and life I had incorporated ideas seen long ago without even realizing it! I cut out articles that were particularly pleasing to me and things that I did not want to lose yet again. I scanned into my computer every single illustration so that I would not lose them again. I have a shoebox filled with those articles and photos and a folder on my computer filled with images. They are a real comfort to peruse. VICTORIA magazine was a huge part of my life in my formative years as a new housewife.

  5. I still have every single issue when Nancy Lindenmeyer was still Editor. I met her at Marshall Field's in Chicago, Illinois when the book "Charms of Tea" came out. One of the women who was working with her questioned me about my fondness for the magazine because I'm Black. I didn't think about the magazine racially (apparently there was some dumb unnecessary race issue that I hadn't heard of; nor did I care about), only how with every issue that came in the mail, I'd stop what I was doing and sit down and read it cover to cover. It was the most beautiful magazine ever created. It actually changed my world and outlook on life. I still own and cherish every single issue with the original editor. I don't know why it changed me and my friends, but we were better for it.


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