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Sunday, March 21, 2010

What's in a binding?

For the years that Victoria was originally published by Hearst, there was a phrase or group of words -- descriptive and indicative, I am sure, of the vision for that particular era of the magazine -- on the binding, or spine, of each issue. I would have to believe that these were the vision of the original editor of Victoria, Nancy Lindemeyer, perhaps in collaboration with then Director of Magazine Developement, John Mack Carter.

The very first of these was...

and those words said so much for the promise of what was to become one of the most beloved magazines of all time. The original magazines contained an insert bidding potential subscribers to give her a try.

"Victoria is a new magazine that explores the gracious side of living. Victoria is a beautiful combination of past and present.

Each issue will transport you back to an era of timeless charm, enduring quality, beauty and elegance. A showcase of women's heritage filled with beautiful homes and furnishings, romantic stories and gracious entertainment.

Come join us today... and add a touch of lace to your table... savor a sweetly scented potpourri... create a special occasion cake... plan outings and picnics... shop for anitiques. Do it all with Victoria as your guide. Now there's a fresh new approach to gracious living.

Victoria offers a breath of relief from this fast paced world. Even today's modern woman can identify with the sentiment and refinement of another era. Return to the loveliness of yesteryear.

Victoria focuses on the particular part of every woman's life that has special meaning. From now on everything you do will have that personal Victoria touch."

And on all these promises, Victoria more than delivered. I am so glad I have my original issues to which I can return as many times as I'd like. Return to loveliness, indeed.


  1. I remember how wonderful it was when by chance I would stumbled across one of those places of lovingness, photographed and written about in the magazine.

    I do have some stories about that Christi, that I promise I will sit down and write about soon.

    Keep writing, I am enjoying your memories of Victoria.

  2. Our lives have been changed forever by the magic we discovered inside her pages...held together with that promise filled spine...lessons of grace and truth that we can live a different way of life...
    Always VICTORIALLY yours, Karla

  3. I've saved all my original issues too, and I have them in those wonderful dark green slipcases. What a treat it is, when I have nothing else pressing to do, to sit and revisit those issues again!

  4. I was smitten by that phrase when I first saw it. It's still a by-word for me, thanks to Victoria!


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