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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Cindy La Ferle - A Victoria Reader's Dream Comes True

Victoria has been one of my favorite shelter magazines since it was first published by Hearst -- and I've saved nearly every issue. As a freelance writer and author since the late 1980s, one of my goals was to see my work published in this beloved magazine.

While I'd already published pieces in other national glossies, including Country Home and Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion, a byline in Victoria still eluded me. Meanwhile, the original Victoria folded, then Hoffman Media restarted it in 2007.

Over a year ago, I wrote a garden essay from threads of a talk I gave at a regional Master Gardener Society meeting. With high hopes, I submitted "The Art of Midlife Gardening" to the new Victoria. And then I waited.

Months passed -- which isn't unusual in this line of work -- and I nearly forgot about the piece. So you can imagine how thrilled I was when Victoria's managing editor contacted me last year to ask if it was still available for publication in the March/April 2010 issue.

That issue is now on the stands, and my essay's on the back page. While my work has appeared in dozens of national magazines and newspapers, seeing that first byline in Victoria was truly a highlight in my career. When I found a copy today at our local Barnes & Noble, I did a little happy dance right there in the magazine aisle.

-- Cindy La Ferle: Cindy La Ferle's Home Office: www.laferle.com


  1. How wonderful for you Cindy! I can not wait to sink my hands into the earth of your essay since I am in a midlife gardening crisis ay the cozy cottage...

  2. Thank you, Miss Peach, and thank you Christi for opening up this space for everyone to share their "Victoria" stories. Several years ago, after the Hearst "Victoria" folded there was a wonderful online group of fans who were working to get the magazine back into publication. I lost track of that group in recent years, so hopefully some of us can reconnect here.

  3. Congratulations! Now I must go read it.

  4. Oh that would be a thrill of a lifetime, I'm sure. I will make a point of reading Cindy's essay.

  5. I do remember this wonderful magazine... I will look forward to getting a copy soon to read your article. I could just see you doing your little dance in the Barnes and Noble Book Store... Cute! Congratulations ~~

    Wanda from Brushstrokes

  6. Beautiful magazine--and I'm so happy to have it back. Cindy, I was so happy when I read your article in the recent Victoria issue. The first thing I do when I get each issue is to read the article on the last page. They are always so inspiring!

  7. Dear Cindy,-Wow, this really is a wonderful accomplishment,to be published in a Victoria magazine!I am anxious to get my copy today!-You have insprired me to follow my dream for that also-Thank you,-Valery

  8. I did go read the article and enjoyed it. My husband is a Master Gardener and we both love beautiful gardens.

  9. How thrilling, Cindy! I loved your article. Congratulations. xo Lidy

  10. I am so happy your dream came true!! Great article. Who can wait for spring to get started.

    I too am thrilled to have Victoria back.


  11. Cindy, as I mentioned to you in our earlier e-mail, I so enjoyed your piece in the Victoria. And now that I know the 'rest of the story', I'm well pleased for your sake that your dream has come true!

    (Now that gives me hope, you know, for I submitted something a while ago to the new Victoria... you never know.....)


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